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Taster Selection o

Not sure what to go for? Don’t want to buy too much of one product? Just starting with natural products? then why not try our perfectly sized taster bag, included in your pack will be at least of of each of our most popular treats and chews.

Don’t forget all our treat selections come personalised with your dogs name, so make sure you include this at checkout, let us know if it’s a special occasion too.

Beef hooves a great treat that can be given empty or stuffed with your own filling. - Great stuffed with Pate

Pigs Ears 100% natural pig ear - Sizes may vary (Not suitable for puppies under 4 months old)

Rabbit Ears with Fur – For many these Rabbit Ears with Fur offer a tasty chew with an added benefit, whilst the chew entertains and provides a range of nutrients the fur helps as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime.

Chicken Feet Naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, chicken feet can help your dog or cat maintain joint health, and reduce joint pain caused by age or arthritis.
Each Chicken foot contains roughly 450mg of glucosamine making the one fo the best natural arthritis treatments for your dog.

Cow ears are a fantastic, lower fat and longer-lasting alternative to pigs ears. With the addition of fur for acting as an aid to being a natural wormer.